Top 5 Interior Design Styles to Admire

interior design styles in toronto

Style alert! Are you curious to know what’s trending in interior design styles? We love reporting on new styles and fresh designs. We’ve got a top 5 favorites list to share with you today. Come along as we uncover the elements that make these designs what they are.

1. Coastal

Coastal style can bring a shoreline vibe to any home. Whether you live lakeside, or just vacation near the shore, you probably love the serenity of the water! With relaxing inspiration, creating your own paradise is just steps away. Incorporating seaside elements, the Coastal look is perfect for a Toronto home! Cover your home in watery blues and whites to set the foundation.

a coastal interior style vibe in toronto

When it comes to decor, natural materials are important. Seaside inspiration includes driftwood and grasses, or sand and stone. Furniture tends to be more comfortable and plush. Woven baskets and linen fabrics are commonly used to complete the coastal feel.

2. Mid-Century Modern

This revered 60s and 70s decor is new again! Mid Century Modern has revived a much loved aesthetic for us all to love again…or for the first time. Architectural shapes, wood grain and bold colors set the stage for this incredible look.

mid century modern in the top 5 design styles

The Mid-Century Modern style pays close attention to ceiling details, highlighting slopes and natural wood beams. If your home was constructed during this era, you may have wall cut-outs that bring original geometric shapes to the style. If not, adding patterned wallpaper, fabrics and rugs to the design can get you there. Low profile furnishings with angles complete the MCM look.

3. Wabi Sabi

Subtle, but full of character, the idea of Wabi Sabi highlights the beauty of imperfection. Its monochromatic color scheme is a nod to the natural world, allowing other key elements to stand out.

wabi sabi in toronto dining space

Imperfect materials, such as wood and stone bring an inviting feeling, but Wabi Sabi is still a sophisticated style overall. Wabi Sabi is an incredible look that’s humble and authentic. It allows you the freedom to play curator of your own home.

4. Modern Farmhouse

Finally, the original farmhouse style has been upgraded with contemporary finishings, paving the way for the Modern Farmhouse era. Known as one of the top interior design styles, this decor trend is well-loved by many clients. Color schemes of greige, white, beige and gray are accessible and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

farmhouse interior design style is a top 5 in toronto

The soft color palette offers the chance to make spaces look larger, an appealing attribute for many. Wall treatments, from board and batten to shiplap, are a popular element in Modern Farmhouse Design. Other home decor accents include distressed furnishings, natural woods and metals. Some clients add a pop of soft color to warm up the look of their completed design.

5. Japandi

One of the newer interior design styles, Japandi, is the simplicity of Japanese interiors with Scandinavian functionality. Minimalism is a focus of both styles, offering families the chance to live simply in their everyday lives, easily transitioning to a relaxing atmosphere for entertaining.

japandi kitchen combines Japanese style and Scandinavian simplicity

The Scandinavian color scheme of whites has been influenced in this style statement, Introducing zen-like colors of greens and blues to the otherwise white Scandinavian color scheme. Practicality meets order in this no nonsense look, allowing families to live comfortably in their homes.

Window Treatments for the Top 5 Interior Design Styles

The window covering specialists at Night & Day Decor can guide you to the interior design styles that speak to you. We’ll begin by helping you choose window treatments that enhance the look of your home and add functional benefits. Not sure which style describes you? We understand.

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Interior design styles are not one size fits all. We can help you navigate your likes and dislikes and come up with the perfect reflection of YOU. Schedule a FREE consultation today.