Cordless / Child-safe Solutions

Cordless Blinds & Child-safe Shades

  • A Variety of Cordless Operating Systems Available

  • Short, Retractable Cords Available with Strict Regulations in Place

Searching for child-safe choices? Our cordless blinds, shades and shutters create an environment for Child & Pet Safety. The cordless shades provide a simple way to open and close the window coverings in your home without the need for dangling, dangerous cords. Tidy and uncluttered, these cordless blinds leave your home looking clean and organized, while offering invaluable protection and peace of mind. When a cord is a necessary aspect in your home, our Hunter Douglas blinds are available as cord-safe blinds and shades, available only under the most strict regulations. These short, retractable cords do not dangle, with lengths that are allowed due to their inability to cause injury. We make the safety of your children and pets our top priority!

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