5 Bathroom Design Features You’ll Adore

top bathroom design features for Toronto area homes

Let’s talk bathrooms…what could be better than getting ready for the day in your dream space? We’re sharing this year’s top bathroom design features that everyone is loving, and we are sure you will start making a list of what you’d like to add to your home!

#1 Designer Walls

You’ve seen the statement-making style of accent walls for other rooms in your home. What about the bathroom? This space is an ideal spot for a gorgeous wall–there’s the alluring movement of marble, the beautiful structure of large-scale tile, the inspiring designs of wallpaper. Decide which look you love, and go for it!

white and gray marble tile for accent wall

black elongated honeycomb tile in small bathroom


#2 Luxury Lighting

At least, the lighting will make it FEEL like luxury. Lighting is a powerful way to amp up the design of any space, and the bathroom is no exception. From sconces flanking your mirrors, to chandeliers hanging above the bathtub, adding levels of lighting is an easy way to start creating your dream bathroom.

sparkly chandelier hanging above standing tub in bathroom design features

glass globe light hangs in bathroom with shiplap walls and black and white design

backlit mirrors are popular bathroom design features


#3 Ample Storage

Regardless of who you talk to, chances are, they could use more storage in their bathroom. We underestimate how much “stuff” we have in the bathroom, and oftentimes, what you see is what you get. Any ideas of where to add extra storage will be a welcome surprise! Many homeowners opt for a vanity tower so as not to take up floor space, while also reducing counter clutter. Hidden outlets is one more reason these towers are so popular. Built-in wall storage is a creative way to cheat a small space with big results. Rolled up towels and baskets for much-needed bathroom items can look stylish while providing amazing function.

vanity tower to reduce clutter in the bathroom

built-in wall storage in the bathroom for rolled up towels and baskets


#4 The Vanity Space

The simple bathroom vanity is SO MUCH MORE than *just* a vanity. The color–whether painted or stained–can create the vibe of the space. From there, you’ll make choices between traditional vanities that rest on the floor, to those with furniture feet, or even the floating style. What type of sink fits into your design? Last, but not least, the hardware of the space, like drawers pulls and faucets. Do you love matte black, or is aged brass more your style? Surrounding the vanity, you have lighting opportunities and specialty mirrors. While this space is a lot to consider, you’ll love when it all comes together.

green vanity in bathroom with gold accents

stained wood vanity with black accents and sconces


#5 Bathroom Window Treatments

This is where we come in! Window treatments are our specialty, and we can offer you some great ideas about which type of window coverings will enhance the bathroom design features you love. We know how important natural light can be in this space, but you also want to achieve privacy when you need it. The light should be refreshing, but not harsh. With the right window treatments, your bathroom dream can become a reality.

silhouette shades on tall bathroom windows in Toronto
Silhouette® Shades

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