Levi Schneider

Certified Hunter Douglas Installer

Levi is an individual of outstanding merit, whose valuable contributions have earned them a place among the instrumental members of the Night & Day window decor team. With over six years of experience in the home decor industry, Levi’s proficiency in custom upholstery, marketing, and UX design serves as a testament to their comprehensive skill set, which is greatly sought after in the field.


As a certified Hunter Douglas Installer, Levi is endowed with an all-encompassing understanding of the window fashion process, enabling them to offer unparalleled services to clients. Their ability to recommend the most fitting window treatments for any space, as well as to execute seamless installation and maintenance procedures, is nothing short of remarkable.


To add to their professional accomplishments, Levi’s creative passions and pursuits are also worth noting. With a natural flair for fashion design and an astute eye for color, texture, and pattern, Levi is an artist in their own right. Their woodworking expertise, painting, sculpting, and photography add to their artistic repertoire.

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