5 Tips to a More Organized Home

creating an organized home with window shades for natural light

It’s a new year–are you longing for an organized home? You’re not alone! With the cold winter temps upon us, we can start to get a bit stir crazy in our homes. Clutter only intensifies anxious feelings. We’ve got the top 5 tips you can use to tidy just about any space. Ready to get started?

5 Tips to Organize Any Space 

Focus on only ONE area at a time. This means one room, one closet, or one area. Tackle them one at a time, finishing onebefore you start another.

Remove everything. This will make the job so much easier in the long run. 

Declutter, declutter, declutter. Throw away or recycle expired or broken items. Anything that’s still in good condition, you should feel good about donating. What’s getting on your nerves might be exactly what someone else is wishing for!

Make an effort to categorize items. Everything is so much easier to find and use when grouped together.

Contain your categories. Use baskets, bins or containers to hold “like” items. 

Take On the Closets 

As much as we love to toss items into the closet and close the door, that disorganization will come back to bite us as it continues to pile up. Follow our top 5 tips, and take in the sight of your well-organized closet. It’ll be a great start to finding things when you need them and putting things in their designated spots!

custom closet for an organized home

Here’s to an Efficient Entry! 

We all know about the two entryways into the home. The first one is prepared for guests…maybe a bit more tidy. Then, there’s the family entrance. The drop zone. The place where groceries come through, boots are piled and pet stuff lies around. Chaos happens quickly. It happens to be the space that needs to be efficient and organized–but most of the time, it’s the opposite.

wood and black mudroom design with built-ins

Start by making a space for everything–at least, everything that should be in there. If it’s not something you need regularly, you may want to consider a different spot in the home. By minimizing what’s in the space, it’ll make life so much easier.

Tackle the Toy Room

The good thing about a playroom is that it can contain the toys from spreading all over the home…maybe. But, the downside is that it’s probably messy all the time. Can your kids even find things to play with? The best thing to do it to remove a portion of the toys. If it’s something you have to keep picking up, don’t feel bad about donating it–or stashing it away for a month from now.

child's playroom with tent and storage baskets on shelving

That can go for a number of toys and games. Hide them away for a snowy day, let the kids have fun discovering them again, and put them back in storage. It’ll lessen the mess, keep the magic alive, and let you try to keep this space a little more put-together.

Increase Productivity

Taking on the task of a more organized home, you’ll probably benefit from added productivity. That’s where we come in! Do you know that the right balance of natural light in your home can boost your mood, increase energy and give you an added zip in your step?

creating an organized home with window shades for natural light

It can be important to bring in the experts when you find yourself questioning how to harness the natural light, but also keep it at bay so it doesn’t exhaust you. Our window covering specialists at Night & Day Decor would love to help you get started refreshing your home for the new year. Get in touch for your free consultation today!