Introducing Color of the Year 2024

color of the year 2024 in home design

The newest color has been announced! Early December brought us the news that the Pantone Color Institute chose Peach Fuzz as the Color of the Year 2024, and we’re excited to see how this will influence home design. 



Statement Walls

There’s a design moment happening in homes–one that brings personalized style and visual interest. We’re talking about specialty walls going up in home, of course! From board and batten to wallpaper, home designers everywhere are loving what these stylish walls do for spaces. The Color of the Year 2024 is the perfect inspiration for making a statement wall.

color of the year 2024 ombre wallpaper in bedroom


Colorful Cabinetry

White kitchens will always be timeless, but adding color to your kitchen is a way to bring life and style to the space. Blue, green, black–and even peach–cabinetry creates a unique look for high-end design. Light flooring, countertops and wall surrounds can balance the color palette in the space.

modern kitchen with peach cabinets and geode backsplash


Evolving Colors

We always love to watch the color pairings to see how design is evolving. One of the most classic color palettes is black, white and red. There is nothing quite as sophisticated. But, with Peach Fuzz on the style scene, the look is softened. Still beautifully done–just a variation of the much-loved trio.

peach walls in bathroom with black and white subway tile


Luxury Lighting

Peach lighting probably won’t be on your wishlist, but the idea is that the Color of the Year 2024 is all about inspiration! Peach Fuzz is influencing design with gentle tones and subtle color. That means metals and glass as well, so transferring that softened hue to lighting is a great way to show off a unique look and warm up the atmosphere.

rose gold lighting in dining room


Window Treatment Inspiration

As for your windows, bringing a soft color into design has never looked better! We love the way Peach Fuzz looks in window shades or patterned drapes. Many homeowners are enticed by the idea of adding a beautiful backdrop to their homes, and window coverings are a great way to do that, while also increasing privacy, light control and energy efficiency.

peach color shades french doors framed in black with arched window on top
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


Color of the Year 2024: What’s Your Favorite?

As Peach Fuzz stirs up the design world, is it influencing decisions in your own home? Are you looking to get started on a new project in the coming year? Let us help. We’d love to style your windows with blinds, shades, shutters or drapes that offer a gorgeous backdrop and lifestyle benefits like light control, privacy and temperature regulation. Get in touch with our team from Night & Day Decor for your Free Consultation.