Get Inspired to Enhance Your Living Room Design

living room design in toronto

As one of the most important rooms in your home, your living room should feature a look and feel that you love. Creating a balanced living room design, one that showcases both comfort and style, is the goal. Today we’re showing you the best elements to focus on to get just that!

Furniture Features

When it’s time to choose new furniture, we’ve got some good advice for you! The couch tends to be the largest piece in the space, so you’ll want to use a tape measure as you consider which size to get. Once you find the right one, pairing it with two accent chairs will help form a space conducive to conversation.

living room design with exposed brick walls and bamboo shades
Provenance® Woven Woods


Considerations for Area Rugs

Once the furniture has been chosen and placed, adding an area rug will bring the space together. The size? Typically, the rules tell us to choose a rug that’s large enough that the front of each furniture piece could be placed on the rug. Not only will an area rug coordinate design elements, it can provide a cozy spot for children to play, or teens to hang out. If that’s the case, selecting a plush rug will be better than a woven one.

Living room with floor to ceiling windows covered with sheer drapes
Luminette® Privacy Sheers


Levels of Lighting

Because the living room is well-used by every member of the family, there should be a variety of lighting options to fit any circumstance. Overhead lighting, for brightening the entire space, is often recessed lighting. To get the air moving, some homeowners opt for a ceiling fan, which can also feature lights. For a cozy setting, turn off the overhead lights, and turn on some floor lamps or table lamps. These allow for soft lighting and individual areas of light. Lastly, wall sconces are another way to add soft illumination or bring attention to artwork.

dual shades in living room
Alustra® Woven Textures®


What about the Windows in Your Living Room Design?

The living room windows play a large role in creating the atmosphere and style. But, those same windows that offer beautiful natural light and scenic views can also bring in too much direct light, harsh UV rays, and uncomfortable temperatures–not to mention the lack of privacy.

living room design with sheer shades on sliding doors

Sheer shades or drapes can provide a beautiful view through sliding doors and large windows while cutting the glare and reducing UV ray damage.

designer banded shades rotate for concealed control or view-through

Many sheer shades, like these Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades can close up for additional light control and privacy.

dual roller shades for versatile living room design atmosphere in toronto home

Homeowners love the versatility offered by dual shades. One window shade offers softened light with scenic views, while the other drops into place for the ultimate in light control and privacy.

If your living room design finds you searching for the right elements to make your house into a home, we’d love to help. Get in touch with our window covering designers at Night & Day Decor so we can guide you to the right elements to create a beautiful space. Schedule your FREE consultation today!