The Best Features for Entryway Shades

ideas for entryway shades in toronto

The goal of the entry is a welcoming vibe, full of positive energy. How to achieve that? We like to say that the entryway shades you have in your home–and the features that go along with them–can make or break the space. It’s time to discover the best window treatments and lifestyle solutions for these ultra-important areas of your home!

Can Privacy & Light Co-exist?

Yes! The ideal balance of privacy and light will bring that positive energy, along with the comfort you’ll get from protecting your home. How does that work with entryway shades?

hunter douglas sheer shades as entryway shades for french doors
Hunter Douglas Sheer Shades

Sheer shades offer a filtered light to create ambiance and protect your interiors from the harsh sun. When you want levels of privacy, the vanes close, blocking some light and views inside. With the dual shades feature, you can widen the range of control, blocking out even the most intense light–and keeping the interior of your home completely protected from exterior views.

What’s Best for Sliding Doors?

Oftentimes, the sliding doors of our homes aren’t the at the front entrance, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important or need less solutions for control. In fact, sliders can be more challenging, depending on the layout and structure of the door. Plus, it’s important that you enjoy all that your home has to offer: natural light, views and access to the outdoors.

luminette vertical sheer shades on sliding glass doors
Luminette® Privacy Sheers

We love how Luminette Privacy Sheers provide a beautiful view and abundant natural light. They can also close out the light and views with a quick rotation of the interior vanes. When you want to open everything up to enjoy the outdoors, they open the same way as your sliding doors, gliding out of the way with ease. 


What Works for Irregular Shaped Windows?

If the front of your home features angled or arched windows, and you’re struggling to know how to cover them, you’re not alone. Many homes have been built with irregular shaped windows, in an effort to set the home apart with character and charm. But, when you need light control, you need it, regardless of the shape!

entryway shades on angled windows with black trim
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades offer tremendous solutions, like being able to cover tricky windows. They can also provide energy efficiency and room darkening. With top features, like dual shades and motorized shades, those hard-to-reach windows are no longer a hassle!


Is There a Solution for Narrow Door Frames?

In fact, there is! The TrackGlide System, an exclusive operating system for the Duette honeycomb shades collection, allows you to add window treatments where you never thought you’d be able to. In many cases, it’s the entryway shades that utilize this system. Narrow door frames can be a challenge to cover. Some door materials keep homeowners from being able to attach most window coverings. The TrackGlide system features a narrow track that adheres to the window of the door, with the shades gliding up and down along the track.

french doors with cellular shades on trackglide system for window coverings that don't have to be drilled to attach
Duette® Honeycomb Shades with TrackGlide™


How Do Door Handles & Locks Still Function?

One important element to keep in mind as you search for entryway shades is the handles, levers and locks of the doors. Many collections of window shades are low profile enough to fit on the door. It can depend on the type of hardware you have on the door and the placement of that hardware in regard to the window. Another option, in addition to entryway shades is plantation shutters.

white shutters on french doors with door handle cut-outs
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Customizable to fit your style and your handles, shutters can feature door handle cut-outs.

close up of shutters with door handle cut-outs
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters


Need Entryway Shades? We Can Help!

At Night & Day Decor, we love helping clients find the ideal balance of privacy and light, while adding incredible style! Whether it’s one of the entryways to your home, or any other room, our team will have ideas and advice for you. Stop by one of our area showrooms to see everything in person. Then, schedule your FREE in-home appointment–you’ll be glad you did!