Incredible Small Spaces

designing small spaces in toronto

Small spaces can be challenging when it comes to design. Decor elements are more easily noticed when working with less space, so every detail matters. While the process can be tedious and pose setbacks, the results are worth the effort. Let’s look at some small spaces that have been transformed into statement-making designs. 

What a View! 

Wide open views are an excellent way of making small spaces look larger and more inviting. Your windows bring in natural light and brighten up your interiors, but be sure to control the light and add privacy with window treatments. Sheer shades are a great option for small spaces. The fabrics diffuse the light while protecting the view, they also close up when you need more control.

  • Pro-tip: Low-profile furniture can make use of the length of your room without bulking up the space.
desiging small spaces with low profile furnishings in toronto living room
Silhouette® Window Shades

Two is Better than One!

You’ve got that right, especially with an open concept home! In wide open floor plans, large rooms can often lack purpose and privacy. Gain control by splitting the room into two defined spaces. Use room dividers to create two separate areas for people to enjoy. What’s even better is that room dividers are retractable-you can open them up to reveal your open concept home again!

  • Designated areas allow you to enjoy your space to its fullest potential, two activities rather than one.
gray panel track blinds as a room divider in an open floor plan home in Toronto
Skyline® Gliding Panel Track Blinds


Using Space Wisely

Small spaces can negatively affect your family on a daily basis, especially in the dining area where seating may be limited. If you want your family to eat together in comfort, think outside the box! Here, built-in seating uses every square inch of space wisely and increases the seating capacity to fit the whole family. The window seat enhances the look and the “cozy factor” of your home skyrockets! 

  • Corners are a source of untapped space in the home, approach them with optimism.

corner windows with roller shades on large windows. toronto canada contemporary home


The Multi-Purpose Space

Does your living room double as your family room? How about your kitchen as your home office? Busy lifestyles of today require multi-purpose space in the home. The best way to create the perfect atmosphere for all your family’s activities is with the right window treatments. By controlling the light you’ve got flexibility. Why not design a home theater by adding blackout shades? The sky’s the limit! 

living room with blackout shades for media room
Duette® Honeycomb Shades
  • Large scale artwork helps bring color to small spaces, sometimes even better than a collection of smaller frames.

The Cozy Corner

You can find small spaces all over your home. Are you ready to design the office space you’ve always wanted? How about a reading nook or coffee station? Make your home all it can be by making use of every little spot. Choose an area over-looking a window for optimum natural light. 

  • Another designer’s trick is to add a combination of shades and drapery to your windows  and hang them high above to give the appearance of taller ceilings.

office desk and chair tucked into a small space with cellular shades and drapery on the window

At Night & Day Decor, we’d love to help your home reach its full potential-inch by inch! Natural light and beautiful views open up small spaces, but relentless glare and lack of privacy can really ruin the experience. We can help. Get in touch with our window covering specialists to find out about the best window treatment options for your small spaces. Enjoy a FREE design consult.