Level Up Your Bedroom Design

5 tips for the bedroom design of your dreams in Toronto

Are you finally getting around to designing your dream bedroom?  Why’d it take you so long? The good news is that we have 5 pro tips that will help you in the process of your ultimate bedroom design journey. Once your room is complete, you’ll see how much of an impact this dreamy private bedroom space can have on your daily mood. 

1. Simplify It

This tip is easier said than done. Although the main bedroom should be a simple place, sometimes it’s more complicated than that. Try to avoid collecting unnecessary items and furnishings in the room. Clutter causes anxiety and stress, which has no place in your bedroom design. Some clients rely on their bedroom as ‘work from home space.’ That’s ok, as long as there’s a designated area for it. The primary bedroom should not be a “catch all” for the entire family. 

Bedroom roller shades in dark fabric color from hunter douglas in toronto canada metropolitan area
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades


 2. Allow for Movement

Next, design the space for easy movement. It should be a simple room to navigate. Include direct pathways to closets, dressers and the en suite bathroom. You’ll find that placing the bed away from the entrance will give you the most room and best flow.

master bedroom with woven grayish brown window shades and hardwood floors in Toronto CA


3. Window Design

In order to achieve the bedroom design of your dreams, you’ll need to prioritize your sleeping environment. Custom window treatments are the key. From controlling the morning light, to keeping your privacy in check, the right window coverings are an important consideration. Because no two homes are the same, take note on whether or not room darkening or blackout shades are necessary. 

dual shades in guest bedroom in light beige color
Silhouette® Shades

In addition, smart shades are an incredible addition if you’re a creature of habit! You can schedule your room darkening shades to adjust on your schedule without lifting a finger. You can set them to rise with the morning sun, then lower to prevent UV damage to your wood floors throughout the day. There are so many benefits to smart shades including privacy and energy efficiency, clients are asking for them by name. 


4. Prepare Levels of Light

The primary bedroom is a place for sleep of course, but it can also be your favorite room to read a good book, have a private conversation or binge watch that new series. These activities happen at different times of the day and night. This is why levels of light are an important addition to your bedroom design. In order to make your room comfortable for each activity, you’ll need multiple levels of lighting; floor lamps, side table lamps, sconces and an overhead light are a good start. All of these lighting sources work together to tailor the perfect atmosphere.

extra wide windows with sheer fabric shades for light control


5. The Wow Factor

We believe the combination of fashion & function make a bedroom design complete.This is your moment–make your primary bedroom shine! How will you do it? Maybe a beautifully designed feature wall? An unexpected paint color? How about that new bedding you’ve been wanting? An area rug could completely change the look of a tired bedroom design. The sky’s the limit. Take your bedroom to the next level by adding some luxurious touches like fabric at the windows or automated shades. In the end, your new bedroom will be a place of rest and relaxation.

black bedroom wall with four white frames and bed made up with accent pillows in Toronto with white draperies at the window

The Night & Day Decor team can help you get started in the process of your new bedroom design with window treatment suggestions. Get in touch with us for your FREE design consult!