Black Window Trim: To Cover, Or Not to Cover?

how to cover black window trim windows in Ontario

One of the hottest statements in home design is black window trim. It’s not a new look, but in the last few years, it has become highly sought-after. Once considered industrial, known mostly in urban design, many homeowners are embracing that bold look for their suburban homes. Whether you have existing black window trim, or have recently replaced your windows with these stunning elements, the question will ultimately be…To Cover, Or Not to Cover?

Important Considerations

  • Are your windows black on black? Or black exterior, white interior? This can affect the way fabrics appear inside or out.
  • Do your black windows have grids?
  • Which window challenges are you facing for specific windows? Light control, energy loss, UV rays or lack of privacy?

Frame the Windows

One way to show off your black window trim is with drapery panels. They can frame the window on both sides, while revealing the beautiful trim and landscape views, bringing in ample natural light. When you need to close them, it’s easy.

custom drapes over large black trim windows with grids

Show Off the Grids

If you have grids in your windows, you might be excited to show off that extra detailing. But, by covering your windows, you can lose that chance. Unless you choose the right fabrics for your window treatments. Light filtering fabrics will offer a silhouette of the grids, while providing UV protection, diffused glare and levels of privacy.

solar shades over black grid window

In the same room, blackout shades hide the grids unless raised. This is good for rooms that receive intense sunlight or need sealed out privacy.

Another option for covering black window trim windows with grids is the dual shades feature. This offers two shades on one headrail. Lower the light filtering shade when you want natural light and views. Lower the blackout shade to increase light control and privacy.

gray dual shade shadings in neutral living room with chromatic elements


Specialty Shapes

It’s not just grids that can add architectural detail to your window scene. Those irregular shapes, like arches, angles, and even circular shaped windows can show off black trim. And when they do, how does coverage come into play? You’ve got options…

  • Leave the shape bare, while covering the standard, rectangular portion.
  • Cover the entire window, even the special shape.
  • Frame the window with drapery to allow full coverage, fully open or anywhere in between.
  • Layer the coverings with draperies at the sides and a base shade on the window.

angled windows with gray shades in lofted ceiling family room with neutral couch and accents

peach color shades french doors framed in black with arched window on top
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

blackout drapes over circle window in Toronto

dining room with arched window black window trim with drapery and roman shades in Ontario

What’s Your Style: Dark or Light?

No matter the color of your window trim, you have to decide which look you prefer when it comes to the color of your window coverings. With white, or light colored, window shades, you’ll be sure to see the outline of the black trim, which can make a statement in and of itself.

home office in toronto canada with floor to ceiling windows from hunter douglas in gray fabric sheer to opaque

If you choose to go with a bold, dark color, chances are the entire window will stand out for a moody, sophisticated result.

woven fabric shades in black charcoal color from hunter douglas
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

Get Your Project Started!

Did you realize there were so many factors and decisions to be made about covering black window trim? Because personal style plays such a large role in the overall look of your home, the choices truly are up to you. But, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with decisions. That’s where we come in! The window covering designers at Night & Day Decor want to help you make your home all it can be! Not only that, but we make it fun and effortless! Invite us in for a free design consult, and we can help you get started on your project! Get in touch with our team.